Lapcare Wireless Combo L901 Key Keyboard + Mouse 1200dpi | non Multimedia with Auto Sleep || Wireless Membraned Keyboard


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Features :

  • 2.4 GHz technology
  • Wireless chocolate combo with ergonomic curved keycap Keys tested upto 10 million keystrokes
  • Plug & Play
  • UV coating letters, no fading letter
  • 1200 dpi optical mouse with precision tracking Auto-sleep function

Technical Specifications :

  • Rating : Wired 5V, 100mA
  • Frequency : 125GHz
  • Default DPI : 1200Dpi
  • Sensor Resolution : 1200-1600- 3200- 4800-7200





“Lapcare Wireless Combo  3 YEAR WARRANTY”, 10 AM to 7 PM next business day onsite support by an expert technician for hardware and software issues, as well as proactive notification of PC issues before you are aware of them.
“ | +91 9979692444”


Lapcare Wireless Combo

Vendor Lapcare
Type Wireless Combo
Model Number L901
**LAPCARE** LAPCARE ensures quality and standard for a good long lasting experience. We always try to deliver best user experience from our products. After all, being a hardware company loved by millions of users, we understand the need for having a computer running to its full potential and allowing you to enjoy its features. The Company offers an attractive combo pack that contains a universal & ergonomically designed 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Mouse bundled with a host of new contemporary features. It’s a great combo of style, quality and technology. This keyboard gives you a relaxing wok experience. It uses the membrane technology that gives silent key operations, cushioning effect to your fingers and hence adds comfort for prolonged working. The space bar and the enter keys have an improved quality for extended service life. The 2.4G Wireless Optical mouse is smart, ergonomically and aesthetically designed. This high quality mouse offers relaxed and stress free for long working hours, without straining your palm and fingers. LAPCARE is an award-winning international brand well recognized for offering consumer technology products. Over the years it has created a forte in laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium brands of laptops. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY Product registration mandatory within 30 days Get One Month Extra Warranty by registering your product on our official website Email : Phone : +91 8587812000

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